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Tune up your helping skills and
Build thriving families!

Whether you are a pastor, lay leader or anyone else desiring to develop practical, biblical tools to help others (and yourself), LifeTree Institute's Bible-based seminars, workshops and retreats will make a huge difference!

Seminars, sponsored by local churches or coalitions of churches, give participants hands-on skills to apply the Bible's ageless truths in new and fresh ways. Seminar leaders do much more than simply say, "Read the Bible and pray." They dig deep into the Word of God to illustrate its practical principles and truths, and show you how to do the same.

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

For the word of God is living and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow; it judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart (Hebrews 4:12).

Sample seminar topics:

"Equipping for Ministry" seminars:

How to Counsel from Scripture
Everyone is a "counselor" at times when mentoring others, teaching or just talking with friends. This seminar won't make you a trained psychotherapist, but it will give you practical biblical tools and insights to use when ministering to others or discussing life issues.

Key Biblical Counseling Messages
This seminar builds upon "How to Counsel from Scripture" (above). You will learn and practice key biblical messages that Doug Britton and others draw upon time after time when counseling with individuals and couples.

Christian Marriage Education
Many people try hard to make marriage work, yet fail. This often is because they donít know how to be married. In this seminar, you will learn eight biblical truths for a great marriage which you can share with others when you mentor, counsel, teach or lead a small group.

Starting a Small Group Ministry
In this hands-on seminar, you will make a tentative small group plan that you can take back to your church.

Small Group and Classroom Leadership
Something wonderful can happen when people get together to study or fellowship. Yet small groups can become destructive, and classes can be boring. You will learn and practice techniques to help people get involved and stay on task. Plus, you will learn how to deal with typical problems that can come up in small group settings.

"Strengthening Families" seminars:

Successful Christian Parenting
Single parents, as well as married couples, learn how to provide a nurturing home, establish discipline, deal with sibling rivalry and more.

Keys to a Great Marriage
Learn four key scriptural practices couples can use to create a great marriage. The seminar is broken up with small group interactions, as well as times for each couple to discuss assigned topics.

Communication in Marriage
Couples learn how to make a habit of talking every day, listen attentively, participate in conversations and discuss problems as friends.

Fanning the Flames of Romance
Couples discover how to look at friendship, romance and sex through Godís eyes---as a way to give and receive love. They also learn how to deal with common frustrations couples face and to rid themselves of pornographyís influence.

Putting Money in its Place
This seminar shows individuals and couples how to change their attitudes toward money as well as practical tools to manage it in a godly way.

Leadership and Teamwork in Marriage
Couples identify what the Bible says about teamwork and the roles of husband and wife. They also learn how to avoid unbalanced extremes such as seeing the husband as dictator or saying there are no differences in roles.

"Helping Individuals Grow" seminars:

Victory Over Anger and Irritation
This seminar covers anger management, but then it goes deeper, helping people change inside. Participants learn how to focus on the positive, live a life of love, and discuss what matters courteously.

Defeating Temptation
Everyone, man or woman, faces temptation. This seminar offers hope and concrete help to escape the sins that so easily beset us.

Developing a Christ-Centered Self-Concept
This seminar helps participants deal with depression, condemnation or purposelessness ... and to grasp the freedom and joy that come from understanding who we are in Christ.

Conquering Discouragement and Depression
This workshop, for people who feel mildly depressed or discouraged, as well as those who feel hopeless, provides biblical insights and tools that help participants enjoy peace and joy in the Lord.

Healing Lifeís Hurts: Godís Solutions When Others Wound You
This workshop helps people who feel wounded by others in church, by friends and by family. Participants learn how to overcome hurt feelings and resentment---and how to have a victorious attitude whatever their circumstances.

Pastors' testimonies about LifeTree Institute:

Doug Britton, MFT, Founder and President of LifeTree Institute, along with other LifeTree speakers, has helped thousands of people in seminars, retreats and workshops. In counseling with individuals and couples, leading seminars, teaching classes, writing eighteen books, and co-hosting nearly one thousand radio call-in shows, Doug has taught practical, effective ways to apply the Word of God in all aspects of daily living.

"Doug Britton stands at the head of the class of equippers and inspired teaching. We benefit regularly from his expertise in marriage and family issues, new convert training, and a variety of other spiritual disciplines. I could not recommend someone more highly than Doug Britton."
--- Rick J. Cole, Pastor, Capital Christian Center, Sacramento, CA

"A lot of marriages and families are thriving here at Bayside because they have been listening to Doug Britton. Whether speaking to a crowd or to a more intimate gathering, Doug is comfortable, friendly and immensely practical. He connects well with his audience and is able to help them find solutions based on the Bibleís wisdom. Many couples have said their marriages were transformed when he taught at Bayside. Several couples said their marriages were saved. We plan to ask him to speak here again often!"
--- Earl Radford, Ministry Manager and Pastor of Children's Ministries, Bayside Covenant Church, Granite Bay, CA

"I recommend Doug Britton as a gifted and engaging speaker. Doug and his wife Skeeter have spoken at several events we have sponsored, and each time they were well received. I found them to be well prepared and the material on marriage and how to enhance the marital relationship to be relevant, practical and most of all Biblical. You and your congregation will be blessed by Doug's humble and personal style."
--- Dann Bryant, Associate Pastor, Arcade Church, Sacramento, CA

"I am very pleased to recommend the ministry of Doug Britton. Doug has ministered at our church on various occasions over the years, most recently speaking at our annual marriage conference. Doug's experience in counseling---and his commitment to the Scriptures---make for teaching that is both practical and insightful."
--- Scott Wieking, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church, Davis, CA

"Christian Heights Church was blessed to have Doug Britton conduct a Marriage by the Book seminar here in February. Doug was also our pulpit guest on Sunday morning. He did an outstanding job during the seminar as well as preaching in our morning services. Doug's humor and biblical insight touched the hearts of our people. His communication skills are warm and enriching. I would enthusiastically recommend Doug for any church setting."
--- Craig Andrus, Pastor, Christian Heights Church, Sonora, CA

Practical information:

Seminars, workshops and retreats are led by Doug Britton, MFT, or other members of the speakers' team.

Length of seminars
Seminars are tailored to the needs of sponsoring churches, ranging from three hours to two and a half days. Speakers also can preach Sunday mornings and speak at shorter events such as menís breakfasts and evening seminars.

Seminar sponsors
Seminars are sponsored by local churches or coalitions of churches.

Costs can be structured in several ways, depending on the sponsor.

Certificate of completion
Seminar attendees receive a Certificate of Completion from LifeTree Institute. Continuing education credits from a Sacramento college can also be arranged.

Contact us for further information:

Email: LifeTree Institute seminars -- Attn: Doug Britton

Phone: (916) 483-7236

Mailing address: LifeTree Institute, 3323 Watt Ave. Ste 178, Sacramento, CA 95821